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Thank you for your interest in ED de PAUW Custom Knives. I strive to make every knife the absolute best that I can build.

All of the operations that I use in the building of Ed de Pauw Knives are performed by me, in my knifemaking shop

in the Netherlands. All ED de PAUW Custom Knives are designed for the outdoorsman with use and performance in mind. The range of  models I produce includes forged construction and stock removal method. These are segmented within the following design

lines: Hunters, Fighters, Bowies and camp/knives. I make knives because I have a passion for them. I started visiting knifeshows for the first time in 2004. The first one was The Cicac in Paris where I got my first price for the best....damast. The second show was Gembloux in Belgium after that I had enough courage to compete for the first time in Atlanta U.S. (the land of knifemaking). It was a great succes. I even sold knives!!


Personal History


I am Ed de Pauw, and I live in Scheveningen together with my wife Corrie and my best friend the cat Devil. My daily job is driving trams throughout the City. In my spare time I forge knives. I do the forging at my friends place who is a blacksmith. At home I finish the knife. I made my first knife when I was 12 years old and it still is a part of my collection to this very day. Why did I make this knife?? I had no money back than to buy a knife so I tried to make one myself. I have been an enthusiastic knife user and collector ever since those days.


Knife Making


I have a particularly strong interest in knives for hunting and fishing, I enjoy hunting in Afrika and plinking with firearms. Making things with my hands has always been important to me. Knife making was a natural extension of my interests and talents. First I made knives for friends.

In the army I was stationed at the toolcar. That meant that I had to weld everything together from carbolts to whatever has steel inside. I also had to do blacksmithing, so I became interested into this part of knifemaking. I have tought myself this skil because no one was around to teach me.

I have about 25 years of experience in making knives by stockremoval and forging. The last years I became interested in damast forging. Here happened the same thing: I taugt  myself.


One time I wanted to make a hamon on a 5160 steel but I did n't know how to do it properly. So I picked up the phone and called knifemaker out of a magazine "Blade". His knives were made in the style l liked. His name was Dan Farr. He lives in Rochester up in the state of New York. He invited me to come to his home so that we could do some forging together. After the bladeshow in Atlanta in 2005 I have been there for a week. Dan taught me some great skills.



Product Information


One-Of-A-Kind, made by hand

All my knives are one of a kind! That does not mean that I can’t make two "identical" pieces but it stands for the fact that all my products are being made by my hand. Sure, I use powertools but I do not use computer controlled manufacturing methods. I do strive for perfection and regard myself as an "apprentice" of the craft. I constantly try to improve; I learn from mistakes. It is a long (life long) process.



Steels I use


I use mostly Carbon Steels. My favorite steels, depending on what type of use, are:

01 (1.2510), L6, 1.2721, 75ni8, 1.2842 and 5160.



Handle Materials


I usually prefer "natural" materials such as wood, bone, horn and synthetic stuff like micarta, carbon, g10 and rubber. However, depending on the type and use of the final product I will use whatever serves the purpose best. My intention is to create performance products.



Ed de Pauw